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Noticed some problems with my noise parsers. First off the Visual C++ program doesn't work as advertised, secondly the TSQL noise parser doesn't work either. Thirdly searchpage1.htm works, but does not parse final noise words. I hope to fix these problems soon. I think some of the problems have shown up because I had posted the code into Word documents and the code got mangled, it parses and compiles fine - it just doesn't work well.

Updated the thesaurus page.


Updated the noise section for SQL FTS.

Also updated iFilters. I found a whole bunch more iFilters using search.msn.com.

I also have noticed that the new msn search does not index noise words any more. You can now search on the, and a. the currently returns the number one hit whitehouse.gov. a, returns aol.com as the number one hit.

The Book

This web site is meant to support the upcoming Not While the Surf's Up press book Microsoft Indexing Service and Search Servers, due out this July, 2005.

For more details check out http://www.nwsu.com/titles.html

Newsgroup Support

The main body of this site is a also a collection answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the microsoft.public.inetpub.indexserver, microsoft.public.sharepoint.portalserver, and microsoft.public.SQLServer.fulltext newsgroups.


I recently did two web casts on http://www.sswug.com. One on SQL Server 2000 replication, and another on SQL FTS. Click here to read questions and answers from the SQLFTS web cast.

I will be doing another web cast on microsoft.com in late February 2005.


I recently spoke at the NYC SQL Servers User Group. I will be speaking at the Boston Code Camp in March (one talk on replication, and another on Microsoft Search Servers), and the Philly Code Camps in April on the same subjects.


You can find one of my articles for SQL Server Professional Magazine at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dnsqlpro04/html/sp04f9.asp



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