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Microsoft SQL FTS related Knowledgebase Articles


  • FIX: FT Wizard Fails with Windows NT Authentication and Not Sysadmin

  • BUG: Heavy Full Text Query Activity Results in Unexpected Timeout Errors - SQL 7

  • BUG: Cannot Have More than Eight Full Text Joins and Operations

  • FIX: Full-Text Search Support for TOP via CONTAINSTABLE and FREETEXTTABLE Clauses

  • PRB: A Full-Text Search Query on TEXT or NTEXT Column Does Not Return Valid Results

  • FIX: Access Violation When Using Generate SQL Scripts Option in SQL Server Enterprise Manager

  • FIX: Queries Using Linked Servers May Cause Access Violation and CPU Spin

  • FIX: Trusted TCP/IP Socket Connection May Fail with Error Message 18452

  • BUG: BackOffice Setup Erroneously Reports that Full-Text Search is Installed

  • FIX: Access Violation Occurs in COledbError::RaiseRestartPositionError When You Run a Full Text Query

  • BUG: Access Violation Occurs When a Variable is Used in FREETEXTTABLE Function as Search String Inside a Cursor Definition

  • PRB: Unable to Build Full-Text Catalog After You Modify MSSQLServer Logon Account Through Control Panel

  • FIX: SQL Server 7.0 Microsoft Search Fails to Start With Error 1332

  • FIX: Incorrect Results From Full-Text Search on Several Columns

  • FIX: Application Error May Occur in Index Tuning Wizard with a Query That Uses Full Text Search Functions

    SQL 7 & 2000

  • BUG: Full Text Search Fails with Unique Index on Multiple Columns

  • PRB: Dashes '-' Ignored in Search with SQL Full-Text and MSIDXS Queries

  • BUG: Wildcard (%) Is Not Recognized in the CONTAINS Clause for a Full-Text Search

  • PRB: Full-Text Catalog May Be Lost After Restoring Suspect Database Using WITH REPLACE

  • INF: How to Move, Copy, and Back Up Full-Text Catalog Folders and Files

  • INF: Correctly Parsing Quotation Marks in Full Text Search Queries

  • PRB: Full Text Search Menus Are Not Enabled for Local Windows NT Accounts

  • BUG: When You Use a Full Text Query Clause Greater Than 8K an Error Message Occurs That Does Not Indicate Overflow of Size Limit

  • PRB: Population or Query of a Full Text Catalog May Stop Responding

  • INF: How to Improve the Performance of Full-Text Search Queries for Large Database Tables

  • INF: Consideration for a Virus Scanner on a Computer That Is Running SQL Server

  • FIX: Inconsistent Results Reported by TOP N Using Full-Text CONTAINSTABLE

  • FIX: Full Text Query May Return 0 Rows When Valid Results are Present - SQL 7 & 2000

    SQL 2000

  • HOW TO: Change the SQL Server Service Account Without Using SQL Enterprise Manager in SQL Server 2000

  • FIX: Some Full-Text Search Failures Do Not Set @@ERROR

  • FIX: Removal of Full-Text Index May Incorrectly Remove Rows From sysdepends System Table

  • FIX: Full-Text Rows Missing After Crawl Due to Full Disk

  • FIX: Microsoft Search Service Cannot be Stopped During Large Population

  • FIX: Full-Text Queries May Return "Unspecified Error" Error Message

  • FIX: Unable to Drop a Catalog When Disk is Full

  • FIX: Microsoft Search Service May Cause 100% CPU Usage if BUILTIN\Administrators Login Is Removed

  • FIX: Full-Text Indexes Are Scripted Before Table Indexes Causing DB Creation Script Failure

  • FIX: Cannot Script Full-Text Indexes for Tables with No Primary Keys Even if Another Unique Index Exists

  • FIX: Changing SQL Server Account to Non-Admin for Full-Text Search Makes Existing Catalogs Unusable

  • INF: Creating Databases or Changing Disk File Locations on a Shared Cluster Drive on Which SQL Server 2000 was not Originally Installed

  • FIX: Mssearch.exe Memory Leak Occurs When Results Are Not Completely

  • FIX: Deletes, Updates and Rank Based Selects May Cause Deadlock of MSSEARCH

  • FIX: Full Population May Not Complete if Microsoft Search Service Is Stopped and Restarted

  • FIX: "Update Index in Background" Option in Change Tracking May Not Work if Very Low Disk Space Detected

  • FIX: Use of the Copy Database Wizard to Copy a Database Disables Full-Text Indexing on the Source Database

  • PRB: Full Text Resource Fails to Come Online on a Cluster with "Event ID 1069 :SQL Cluster Resource 'Full Text' failed" Error Message

  • FIX: Index Is Corrupt When Full-Text Catalog Population Is Interrupted on a Cluster

  • FIX: SP1 Regression: Running FREETEXT Queries May Cause a MS Search Resource Leak - SQL 2000 pre SP 2

  • FIX: TOP_N_BY_RANK Argument May Not Return Top N by Rank - SQL 2000

  • PRB: A Full-Text Search May Not Return Any Hits If It Fails to Index a File

  • FIX: Full-Text Failures Occur Because of SQL Server Account Change

  • FIX: Mssdmn.exe Process Uses All Available Memory When You Populate Full-Text Index

  • FIX: Misconfiguration of Affinity Values May Cause SQL Server to Not Start - SQL 2000 pre SP 2

  • FIX: Full-Text Query Does Not Return the Expected Result Set

  • FIX: Thesaurus Support is Not Available for Full-Text Search

  • FIX: Full Text RANK Results May Vary After Catalog Repopulation

  • FIX: A Query That Uses a Large Search String in the CONTAINS Clause May Fail with Error Msg 7607 - SQL 2000 pre sp3

  • PRB: SQL Server Full-Text Search Does Not Populate Catalogs

  • FIX: Full-Text Searches for Data That is Enclosed in Parenthesis() Inside HTML Tags is Not Being Returned

  • FIX: Non-OCR/Non-Display TIFF Data Indexed by SQL Server Full-Text

  • FIX: Infinite Loop During Full-Text Catalog Population

  • FIX: Full-Text Search Population of a Word Document Stored in SQL Server Causes CPU Spin with SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 2 - SQL 2000 pre SP 3

  • FIX: SQL Server Full-Text Population by Using a Single-Threaded Filter DLL or a PDF Filter DLL May Not Succeed - SQL 2000 pre SP 1

  • INF: SQL Server 2000 Full-Text Search Deployment White Paper

  • INF: Installing SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3 Rebuilds All Full-Text Catalogs

  • INF: You Must Use Resource-Specific Registry Keys for SQL Server Cluster Resources - SQL 2000 Enterprise Edition

  • FIX: A Full-Text Population Fails After You Apply SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3 - pre SP 4

  • INF: Change the Location of Temporary Files for Full-Text Searches

  • PRB: Microsoft Search Full-Text Catalog Population Fails When You Upgrade SQL Server 2000 Failover Cluster to SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3 - SQL 2000 pre SP 4

  • PRB: Language database/cache file could not be found - SQL 2000, Exchange 2000


  • HOWTO: SQL Server Full-Text Query Using ATL OLEDB Consumer





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