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Index Server Faq

Loading text data into your database using ADO

For smaller amounts of text data you can insert data using TSQL insert and update statements. Since SQL 7, you do not need to insert data into the text datatype as a two step process; it can now done in a single insert. If you are inserting larger amounts of data into your tables you are FTI you will need to use the Stream Object of ADO or the AppendChunk method. I find the AppendChunk method too clunky to consider using, I prefer to use the stream object.

Here is some sample code to load text data into a text field.

This words well for ANSI text files. If you are inserting unicode text files - the default for Win2k/XP/Win2003, you should insert the data into nChar, nVarChar, or nText datatype columns.





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